Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Diwali or Deepavali festival in odisha.

               Diwail or Deepavali festival  means  "a row of  lights".
               It falls on the Hindu Month of Kartik (October - November).
               The festival dedicate to the worship of Kali.
               This Festival Celebrate in the Family and Close Friend
               The Men and Women wear new Clothes.
               Diwail Celebrate in Five days.
                      1st day Called- Dhanteras 
                                                Dhanteras is a shopping day, particularly for gold and Silver.
                       2nd day called-Naraka Chaturdasi.           
                                                Naraka Chaturadasi is the second day of festival, and also called choti  
                      3rd day called- Lakshmi  Puja.                  -
                                               The third day is main festival. People wear new cloths.      
                      4th day called-  Padwa Balipratipada.                
                                               The Day after Diwail is Celebrate as Padwa. This Day Celebrate the love                                                 and between the wife and husband. the Husband gift our wife. The day                                                    is also special day for married couple.  
                     5th day called-  Bhai Duj.                    
                                                The last day festival called Bhai Duj (Bhai dooj). This day celebrate the 
                                                 sister - brother loving  relationship.            



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