Thursday, May 21, 2015

Kumar Purnima festival in odisha.......

                                        Kumar Purnima festival in odisha

                            Kumar purnima is the most important festival in unmarried girl.
                            Sharad purnima is know as kumar purnima or laxmipuja in odisha.
                            This festival celebrate in fullmoon in the day.
                            This festival fall on odia month of  Ashwin (September - October).
                            It is primarily celebrate by unmarried girl.
                            The unmarried girl  worship the Goddess Brudabati  for Handsome husband and                                   hear future life.
                            The festival celebrate in the evienge.
                           The boy and Girl fasting in the full day. 
                           The boy and girls wear new dress and play the holl day.

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