Saturday, May 23, 2015

Nuakhai In odisha festival | The Best Sambalpuri Festival.

Nuakhai In The Odisha festival.
Nuakhai is the odisha festival. Nuakhai is the most important festival in Sambalpur, Jharsuguda, Kalahandi, Bolangir and Koraput. Nuakhai is observed to welcome the new rice of the season. 

It is observed on panchami tithi the odia month of  Bhadraba (August- September) the day after the Ganesh Chaturthi festival. Women's drape beautiful sambalpuri sarees and men wear traditional kurtas during nuakhai celebration.

The Nuakhai festival meanly observed agricultural people. Nuakhai is major festival in Western odisha. The festival Worship the laxmi maa. Nuakhai is a festival and celebration of happiness, different types of local sweet and foods are cooked. Nuakhai is also called Nuakhai or Nuakahi Bhetghat.

Dance During Nuakhai Bhet Ghat celebration

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