Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Shree Gundicha Yatra.

Gundicha yatra is a Hindu fesyival. Gundicha temple is a hindu  temple, it is situated in puri town.This festival fall on the odiya month of  Asadha(june). The Ratha yatra Lord Jagannatha, Baladeva and Goddess  Subhadra Devi, along with Sudarsana, leave Jagannath Mandira for nine days. One day for travelling to Gundicha, seven days spent there, and one day to return home. This journey is know as to Gundicha Yatra, Nava Dina Yatra("nine days journey"), or Ghosa Yatra. 

This festival important in chhera pahara. The puri king Gajapati wears the outfit of a sweeper and sweeps cleans the road. Chera pahara is held on the two days, on the first day of the Rayta Yatra, when the deities are taken to garden house at Maushi Maa Temple and again on the last day of the festival, when the deities are ceremoniously brought back to the Shri Mandir.The People believe 
if the pulling the carts rope  there fulfil  there all wish. The women's  wear Traditional silk saree  and men wear kurta enjoy this day.

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