Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Guru Bara Puja

Margasira Masa or Manabasa Guru Bara Puja.
 Manabasa Gurubaar  is a great festival in odisha.It is worship of Goddess laxmi. Manabasa Gurubar Lakshmi vrata is observed during gurubar or Thursday in the month of Margasira(November- December), Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra. This puja is performed to get Sukh, Shanti and Aishwary- Comfort, peace and prosperity.
The women wake up very early morning and clean the house with broom-stick.The house is decorated with artistic Odias alpana(called chita).A pot made of bamboo canes(called adda diba) used the olden days for measuring paddy(Know as Mana) is filled up to the brink with freshly harvested paddy.The women wear the white and red color cotton saree and worship the Goddess laxmi.
Wash the floor and decorate it with jhoti painting of rice pasta. on a  low table(Khatuli), spread some newly harvested paddy grains of white color. fill a mana (a measuring pot made of cane) with such grains and place it on the low table. wash three betel nuts in turmeric water and place them on colourad cloth.Then invoke Mahalakshmi with lamp and incense and offer three offerings of meals in puja and worship the laxmi maa. In this festivals we can ten verities of Cake(Pitha) am

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