Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Pandu Purnim and Bada Osha.

Christmas day and Bada Osha(Pandu Purnima).

Pandu osha is a odia festival dedicate to yudhistira.This is dedicate to pandumaharaj the father of pandave. The women worship is Yamraj on this day.The women worship the sons.
This festival falls on purnima the odia month of Margashirsha(December-25). According to a story, the king of kalinga had no children after he and the queen observed the Pandu osha. Basically the festival celebrate in the girl. Girls wakeup in early morning and clean the roads and by using a special jhaadu through out the Margasira month. 
This process ends on pandu purnima. end of Margasira mas, Girls are doing a puja called as "Pandu Osha" at evening wear the new dress. Girls are doing this osha for his brother.
 This ritual ends on pandu purnima or pandu osha.  

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