Friday, June 5, 2015

Raja festival in odisha.

Raja parba or Mithunu Sankarnti.
Raja is a important festival in odisha for girl. The festival falls on the odiya month of Asadha(June-July).The festival celebrite in four days First day called at:-Pahili Raja.
        Second day call at:-Mithuna Sankarniti.
        Third day call at:- Bhu daaha or Basi Raja.
          Fourth day call at:- Vasumati Snan.                              
This festival observed in agriculture people and the girl's wake up in the early morning and bathing. During these three days women and girls take rest from work and wear new saree and some girls fashion dress, Alata and ornaments.The festival celebrate  in all india but in cuttack, puri and Balasore is most important.
Legend:-The reason behind this festival is giving rest to the earth. So the people don't touch the earth during the festival.The unmarried girls don't toush the earth with barefoot.
Time of Merry making:- During this festival various kind of Dolis are used by people, such as 'Ram Doli', 'Charki Doli', 'Pata Doli', 'Dandi Doli' etc. Rajo Songs specially meant for the festival speak of love, affection, respect, social behaviour and everything of social order that comes to the minds of the singers.The boy playing in Kabadi and cricket.
Main attraction of Raja:- The "poda pitha" and "Raja Pana" is main attracation of Raja.
                            Raja Song
                        Banaste Dakila Gaja
                        Barasake thare asichi Rajo 
                       Asichi Rajo lo heba nua saja bajja……

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