Monday, June 1, 2015

Snana Purnima

Snana Purnima and hati vesha.
Snana Purnima is the most important festival in odisha. The Snana yatra is a bathing festival.This festival observed in the odia month of jaeshtha(June). It is important festival in jagannath devotess.
Held in the full moon day of the month jaeshtha.This festival is also at once  held in all other important Puri, it attracts thousand of visitors and pilgrims from all over country.One the day of the snana yatra, the deities are bathed with 180 pots water.
This snana purnima others name is hati vesha.Lord jagannatha and lord Balaram then puts on the elephants dress, Hati Vesha, and lady Subhadra wear a lotus flower vesha. Lord jagannatha and lord Balaram wear traditional white color saree and Goddess Subhadra wear yellow color traditional silk pata saree.

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