Friday, July 31, 2015

Krishna Janmashtami

Janmashtami celebrates the incarnation of goodness on earth in the form of Lord KrishnaLord Krishna is also known as Kanha or Govinda. this festival celebrate in this year 2015 Data 5th September(Saturday). 

Janmashtami is the amalgamation of two words Janma and Ashtami. It symbolizes Krishna taking birth on Ashtami. Ashtami means the eighth day of a month. Janmashtami is also popular as Gokulashtami, Sri Krishna Jayanti, and Saatam Aatham.

The name Krishna belongs to the lunar calendar, as he was born on the eighth day or Ashtami of Krishna Paksha (dark fortnight). 

Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated in the eighth day of the Bhadrapada month. Since it celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna, the day is also popular as Krishna Janmashtami. This festival celebrate in  men's, women's, girl and boy's.
They wear new traditional saree and dress.

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