Monday, August 10, 2015

Bhado Amavasya 2015

Bhado Amavasya is dedicated to Narayani Bai, who became Sati on this day. Devotees visit Rani Sati Dadi Temple on this day to seek her blessings. Worshiping her on Bhado Amavasya is believed to be very fruitful.
Bhado Amavasya is also called Bhadi Mawas, which is the first day of Hindu month, Bhadrapada. It has more significance in Marwari community. On the day of Bhado Amavasya, a big fair is organised in Rajasthan, which is dedicated to the deity of the place, Rani Sati Dadi Ji. Lets know the legend associated with it.
The story says that when Abhimanyu was killed in Mahabharata, his wife also wished to sacrifice her life. However, Lord Krishna stopped her, as she was pregnant with Abhimanyu's baby. Instead, Lord Krishna gave her the boon of becoming Abhimanyu's wife in her next birth. As per the words of Lord Krishna, she took birth as Narayani Bai and Abhimanyu took birth as Tandhan Das; and they both got married.This festival celebrate in Married girl and wear traditional new saree.
But soon after marriage, Tandhan Das met with an ill fate and passed away. This incident made Narayani Bai to become Sati. Since then, she is known as Rani Sati Dadi Ji. A temple that is 400 years old is still there to give her respect for her devotion. Every year, a sacred Puja is held on Bhado Amavasya. It is said that Dadi Ji gives her blessings to the devotees who have firm devotion in their hearts. 

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