Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Pradosham 2015 - Pradosh Vrat 2015

Pradosham, a day dedicated to Lord Shiva, falls on the 13 th day of every lunar fortnight. In each year, there are 24 Pradosham. On Pradosham 2015 day, observe fast, worship Shiva, cherish your dreams and achieve success in all you do. This festival celebrate in Married girl. They wear traditional white color cotton saree

  1. The word Pradosham means eliminating the sins or Doshas.
  2. Duration of Pradosham (Pradosh Kaal) is 2 hours 24 minutes after the sunset. Pradosh Kaal varies from region to region.
  3. Pradosham Kaal is an opportunity to overcome the bad deeds or Karmas.

Pradosh Vrat 2015: Pradosham Of Each Day

All the seven days of the week provide different benefits at the time of Pradosham. Let us know about the rewards of all these 7 Pradoshams.
Monday : Pradosham of this day is also known as Soma Pradosham. This Pradosh helps to attain good health and fulfills one's desires and wishes.
Tuesday : Also known as Bhauma Pradosham, this Pradosham provides relief from diseases and improves the financial condition.
Wednesday : Pradosh of Wednesday is fruitful to gain wisdom, knowledge and blesses the childless couples with child.
Thursday : It is also known as Guru Pradosham. Guru Pradosham helps in surpassing the opponents and enemies.
Saturday : Pradosha of Saturday is known as Maha Pradosham or Shani Pradosham. It is observed by the couples for a harmonious conjugal life.
With the knowledge of Pradosham of each day, make sure to get the best from each day.

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