Sunday, August 16, 2015

Rash yatra famous festival in wast bengal.

Rash Yatra is dedicated to the divine love of Sri Krishna and Radha and is observed mainly in Bengal. A month long festival known as Rash Mela or Rash Utsav precedes the Rash Yatra day. Rash Yatra 2015 date is November 25.

Rash Yatra has a long tradition in Bengal and the festival is very famous in the Cooch Behar area in Bengal. It is observed on the Purnima or full moon day in Kartik month and is also known as Rash Purnima.
In Rash Yatra you can see two type of pujas first types of pujas are Goswami homes Radha Krishna puja and other types are committee's puja you can say Badoyari puja. 

In badoyari puja you can see big pandals, lights and art designed sculpture of Goddess. And in Goswami home's puja you can see antique sculpture of Goddess and the famous Rai-Raja in the final day of Rash Yatra. We all know that Santipur also famous of handloomsarees and other handloom products. The peoples of Santipur always think that Santipur is famous for two things one is Handloom Sarees and the other one is Rash Yatra. 

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