Thursday, August 20, 2015

Teej popular festival in Punjab

This festival is celebrated on Sawan Sudi. It is celebrated to welcome the season of monsoon and is one of the popular festivals of Punjab. 
After the first showers of rainy season, a small insect called Teej in the state of Punjab comes out from the earth's soil. All the girls are excused from the household chores on this day as they apply henna on their hands and feet. 
They also receive new clothes from their parents. The puja or the worship is performed early in the morning and the 'baya', which consists of various foodstuffs, is placed on a platter at the place of worship. 
A decorated 'chowk' or square is also kept over there and an idol or picture of Goddess Parvati is installed. Different cultural performances are kept exclusively for the evening. 

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