Friday, September 25, 2015

Laxmi Puja Shopping of Indian Women

Women in India normally behind the men in terms of access to education, healthcare, jobs etc. Apart from the economic and social inequality 80% Indian Women Love to wear saree and 20% wear other garments. Some women like handloom sari and other women like fancy saree. Indian girls are very stylish. Indian girls celebrate every festival and they wear salwer suit and some other fashion dresses. Indian women like to visit temples in every festival.

Gajalaxmi  puja generally celebrated  in odisha  with great fervor especially in Dhenkanal district. This festival celebrates in 11 days. The festival starts on the full moon day on kumura purnima. People of Dhenkanal used to perform the puja seeking blessing from Devi Laxmi, the Goddess of wealth and prosperity.

Gajalaxmi puja celebrate in every year. Many type of people come to this puja. Manley women worship in laxmi puja and wear every time traditional saree.  Girl wear in swlaresuit and some girl wear fashion dress and enjoy whole day.

Many shopkeepers also come to this puja. This festival sell in every product like handicraft materials, handloom product, home doctored, elcotrians product etc.

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