Saturday, September 19, 2015

Sri Ramakrishna Jayanti

Ramakrishna was born on 18 february 1863, in the village of Kamarpukur, in the Hoogly district of West Bengal. Ramakrishna was born in a poor Brahmin Vaishnava family in rural Bengal.He become a priest  of the Dakshineswar Kali Temple, dedicated to the goddess Kali, which had the influence of the main strands of Bengali bhakti tradition.

The most widely known amongst his first spiritual teachers was an ascetic woman, called Bhairavi Brahmani, who was skilled in Tantra and Vaishnava bhakti and wear new saree. Later an Advaita Vedantin ascetic, Tota Puri, taught him non-dual meditation, and he experienced nirvikalpa samadhi under his guidance.

His parents were Khudiram Chattopadhyay and Chandramani Devi. According to his followers, Ramakrishna's parents experienced supernatural incidents and visions before his birth. In Gaya his father Khudiram had a dream in which Lord Gadadhara (a form of Vishnu), said that he would be born as his son. Chandramani Devi is said to have had a vision of light entering her womb from Shiva's temple.

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