Wednesday, September 30, 2015


The Thiruvathira festival falls on the asterism Thiruvathira in the Malayalam month of Danu (December-January). The Ardra Darshan celebrated in Tamil Nadu corresponds to Thiruvathira of Kerala. It is careful to be high positive to worship Siva and the devotees go to the temple before sunrise for 'darshan'.

Tradition has it that Thiruvathira festival is celebrated in memorial of the death of Kamadeva, the mythological God of love. Even though the Thiruvathira is celebrated by most of the Hindu communities it is basically a Nair women's get up at about 4 am and take bath on seven days commencing form the asterism Aswathi.

While taking bath they sing certain songs mostly relating to the God of Love, accompanied by rhythmic sound produced by splashing water with their fists. In ending they stand in a circle in the water hand in hand singing songs. Women’s wear in new sari and celebrate this festival. The first Thiruvathira coming after the marriage of a girl is known as Puthen Thiruvathira or Poothiruvathira and it is celebrated on a grand scale.

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