Saturday, September 24, 2016

Dwutibahan Osha – The typical Odia Osha

In Odisha, markets were fully crowded with mothers for individual purchases for ‘Pua Jiuntia’ and for Dwuitibahan Osha. This festival dedicated the special bond between mother and her child. All over Odisha mothers fasting the whole day without drinking water for the well being of their children.

Dwuitibahan is a unique festival of Orissa. This festival is celebrated in every rural village and town of Orissa in the month of Aswina. On that day Mothers wear the New saree and  worship Lord Dutibahana in an open space with full of decorated chandua and Amba Taran (mango leaves) and flowers. On this Puja, mothers take various types of fruits and also offer   108 duba, 108 unbroken arua rice, the thread, Mua (made of puffed paddy). After offering puja, mothers came to their home and tied the thread in her child's hand.

On Next day mother takes a holy dip in a nearby river, and prepare the 21 types of vegetable curry, kheer, and suji manda and offer to the Lord Duitibahan and distribute the Prasad to their neighbours after that mother breaks her fast with full devotions... 

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