Saturday, October 1, 2016

Hindu people celebrate Navratri festival 2016.

Happy Navratri to everyone......

The Special nine day festival of Navratri is already started today and dedicated to Goddess Maa Durga. For nine days devotees celebrate the navratri with great joy and happiness and most places people unite and play the garba and dandiya dance with colorful clothing. 

Happy Navratri.
Every day Goddess Maa Durga wear the specific color sarees and take the nine Durga Avatars. This festival always symbolizes the victory of good over bad. Every people believed that who worship Goddess maa durga and observe fasting for nine days will be blessed with good health, prosperity. Specially Navratri is all about playing Garba Raas, Dandiya and eating yummy delicious sweets.

Love u all. Jai Mata Di

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