Thursday, November 17, 2016

Manabasa Mahalaxmi Gurubara puja 2016

Manabasha Gurubar puja is a great festival for all Hindu odia married women's. It is the worship of mother Goddess Laxmi on the month of Margasira masa as per odia calendar. In 2016 Manabasha Gurubar puja held on 17th November, 24th November, 1st December, then 8th December. Odisha people believed that Mother Laxmi is the goddess of wealth and prosperity.

Story of Manabasha Gurubar Puja.

The traditional story of Manabasha gurubar puja is from the ancient period that is called "Laxmi Puran". On that time untouchables people were not allowed to pray, worship in the temples or in society. At that time Sriya a women from untouchable caste challenge to pray and worship goddess kamala(other name of Laxmi maa). Sriya wash her house with neat and cleanness and put mother Laxmi image in her house and art beautiful alpana design's of laxmi feet and lotus flower, when maa laxmi comes out of Shreemandir and visit every house she see one house which have beautiful alpana design's , entered the house with full of joy and fulfill the wishes of syria chandaluni.

Now the real story starts when Laxmi got separated from Lord Jagannath at the behalf of brother advice Balabhadra. She want's to end the difference of untouchable , rituals and worship on earth, and told god for every one is equal. Then mother Laxmi leave the shreemandira Lord Jagannath House,both Jagannath and Balabhadra suffered so much even they have nothing to eat food and water. The punishment of Laxmi had a strong punishment on both brothers for 12 years. Soon they realized the importance of Laxmi Mata and bring her back to their home. But Mother Goddess laxmi entered to the temple in one condition that there will be no caste system on earth.

Jhoti Design's

During the margasira month houses are kept neat and clean and beautiful alpana is drawn to welcome Goddess Laxmi. on Thursday every odia women's wake up very early in the morning and clean the house with broomstick and cowdung. It is believed that Goddess Laxmi never visit a house if it is dirty and untidy. Women's wear the new clothes of white with red combination saree on the puja time. On that day every doorsteps or entrance are decorated with jhoti or chita. The decoration of puja is from a bamboo pot which is full of new paddy known as mana. From ancient people believed that mother laxmi visit the house at the time of puja. This puja continue for 4 Thursdays and on that month the 4 Thursday delicious tasty cuisine was prepared like manda pitha, Khiri, kakara, atalika, chitau, bada, chakuli etc and distributed to their neighbors. On this day every women read Maha Laxmi Puran. It is a great festival. Jai maa Laxmi.

Laxmi Maa

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