Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Today Amla Navami festival celebrated by every Indian women.

The festival of Amla Navami is celebrated with great joy by Indian women. Women celebrate this puja and pray for the success and welfare of their family.

Aanvla Navami is called as Akshaya Navami. On this special day they celebrate the puja and give some daan-punya activities to the poor people. In West Bengal, this day is observed as Jagaddhatri Puja which is a form of Goddess Durga.

 On the day of Aanvla Navmi , women wake up early in the morning and then take bath in the nearest pond and wear new clothes which is fully pure.

Every women comes near by places gather and move to the place where aanvla tree is present and if the tree is not present then branch of the tree is brought and set in a muddy area or kalash which is filled with water.

Always puja is performed in a good direction. This puja is performed by while facing towards east. First pure water  offered to the tree and then milk, moli, roli, arua chawal, jaggery, batasha, aanvla, and new saree and some money.Diya and agarbati are lit infront of the tree then all womens put tilak on their forehead.

On this festival a special Parikrama is done by the women in which they revolve around the tree for 8 or 108 times and while they move they wrap the raw white thread or red moli around the aanvla tree.

After Parikrama, all women sit together and listens the story of Aanvla Navami katha.Finally  Devotees take the dharshan of Goddess Radha at sakhi gopal temple or any radha krishna temple. After visiting the temple devotees take the prasad under the Aanvla tree.

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