Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Dhanu Sankranti specialty from Odisha.

Dhanu Sankrati is an most important day in Hindu calender and on that day Lord Sun enters into the Dhanu Rashi. In 2016 , Dhanu sankrati will be held on december 2016. This is the beginning of Dhanu Masha. In odisha it is a great festival, most people offer special puja and paryer to Lord Jagannath on this day. On this day Lord Jagannath wear the New clothes and special sweets Dhanumua offer to our Lord Jagannth.

Dhanu Mua

In many places of India,people worshiped to Lord Surya(Sun God) and take dip in holy rivers.
In odisha, a special delicious sweet made of unboiled rice flakes known as Dhanumuan which prepared on that day. The famous Dhanu yatra held on Dhanu Sankrati at Baragarh town and it held for ten to eleven days.  

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