Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Sheetal shashti puja of West Bengal

The day after saraswati puja festival is a customary for Bengals to eat a special dish called Gota Sheddho( Which means Whole Boiled). Gotta Sheddho means the vegetables are not cut and boiled with a wholegrain dal. It is very good for health and cooked without spices, oil, onion or garlic. Main tradition of this puja is that whatever boiled on the day of saraswati puja or Vasanta panchami , it will eaten on the next day by mothers. This ritual is mainly observed by the Bengali mothers wishing for long healthy life of their children.

Sitala Maa

Shitala Mata is the form of goddess Katyayani( a part of Durga Maa). Worshiping her gives coolness and relief from fever, measles and small pox. On this day mothers wear the new cotton sari and perform the puja rituals and family members enjoy the boiled prasad.  

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