Friday, March 24, 2017

Ekadashi : Rituals of Ekadashi Vrat

The word Ekadashi festival has been derived from the Sanskrit language, where ekadashi means the eleventh day of Hindu Calendar. There are 24 ekadashis in a year. 

Lord Krishna

Rituals of the day:
1. On the day of Ekadashi, idol of Lord Krishna or Lord Vishnu are worshipped. In the morning, devotees wear the pure handloom silk pata clothes and clean the idol with Panchamrit. After the idol is washed with water and dressed in Yellow silk clothes that is called Pata bastra.

2. Flowers, incense sticks, Ghee deepak, Coconut, and various types of fruits offered to Lord Krishna and his various Avatars.

3. Several devotees donate various foodgrains, handfans, clothes, gold and several puja items to the temple on ekadashi vrat.

4. On the day of ekadashi , food items made of rice are not eaten only fruits can be eaten. On the next day items made of rice can be eaten. 

5. Lord Vishnu or Lord Krishna mantras are chanted throughout the day and people visit the temple on morning and evening for Aarti.

6. By taking fast in ekadashi vrat helps a person to reach the path of spirituality and takes her /him to the path of salvation.

Ja shree Krishna.

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