Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Maa Kalijai Temple, Balugaon, Chilika, Puri.

Maa Kalijai Temple is situated on a Island. It is 18 km away from Balugaon in south east direction. Kalijai Means Kali+Jai, Kali, the goddess kali( an avatar of Goddess durga) and Jai  is a name of a village  girl of Banpur, who was drowned when she visit to parikuda Gada(sasural).

Maa Kalijai

When she visit to her sasural by her traditional boat an accidental storm come with deep cloud and drowned the boat by the hill and vanished. All the boatman and her father was alive but the girl jai was undiscovered.
Since then many boatmen listen some voice in the early evening and she became the Goddess of the Local people. But every odia people respected as maa Goddess kali. Every fisherman worshiping as Goddess kalijai as their "Ista Devi". Ista means who manages all the Good and Bad Times. Every day several tourist come to visit kalijai temple and take the blessing of maa kali.

When you reach temple several people offer coconut, Banana, and khai and Black saree to maa. At the time when you sit on boat people call to Maa Kalijai with loud voice to keep safe journey to reach temple and their destination place. That place is known as chilika. On Winter season the Great poet written comes to write various poet for children and beautiful Migratory birds come. It is a wonderful place full of nature and beauty. Every Year a Huge mela held on Makar sankranti festival. 

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