Thursday, May 18, 2017

Chandana Yatra of Lord Jagannath(puri) at Narendra Tank .

Chandan Yatra, is a great religious festival which held in puri. This festival starts from Akshyaya Trutiya and lasts for twenty one days. The name of this festival is very symbolic as sandal paste popular known as chandan and water. This festival is held in the month of Baisakh,a time when the summer heat is at peak, but sandal paste and water are essential to keep the people cool.

Chandan Yatra at Narendra Tank

Thousands of devotees flock the land of Lord Jagannath for this festival. During the festival, the road from the Lord's shrine till Narendra Sarobar (a sacred tank in Puri town) is decorated very beautifully. Devotees take the decorated images of Lord jaannath, Maa Laxmi and Maa Saraswati to the Narendra Sarobar at night in decorated palanquins. Lakhs of devotees wait for the arrival of Lord. After arrival the idols are placed on the decorated boats. The boats are rowed for a long time by the sevakas.

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