Thursday, July 27, 2017

Today is "Nag panchami" festival.

Nag Panchami is a religious festival of Hindus on which people feed serpents or snakes with milk, kheer, and sweets. Snakes are believed to be the creature hailing from patal- lok which incarnated for the goodness and welfare of living things.

The Hindu festival celebrated on the fifth day of a bright half lunar month of the Hindu month Shravan. On the day of Nag Panchami puja, people wear new traditional saree, dress and worship snake by offering milk, sweet, kheer and lit the earthen lamp as well before the idol or statue of Nag devatas. Some people observe fast the entire day and feed Brahmans with full rituals. 

On this day people believed that the snakes live inside the womb of the earth and we could not harm while doing so. The unique attraction is in some places snake fair is held.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Rakshabandhan- Festivals of Brotherhood.

Raksha Bandhan is the Hindu festival which describes the brotherhood and Love. This festival is celebrated on the full moon of Shravan month. 

The word Raksha means protection, and Bandhan ways to tie. Traditionally, during the festival sisters tie a rakhi made of red and golden threads, around their brother's wrists to celebrate their relationships. This thread bonding not only strengths the bond of love between brother and sister but also bind the relation of all family members.

Girl's  are trying to but Rakhi.

The celebration of Raksha Bandhan marked about happiness and excitement, especially for young girls and women. On this particular day, the festivities start by the day break. Every young girl wears the new Silk Saree or Salwar suit and gets ready early and gather for the worship of the deities. After taking the blessings of God's, the sister performs brother arti with tika and Rice on his forehead and ties Rakhi by chanting mantras. Then she gives sweets and gifts. Brother accepts her gifts and vows to take care of her in the time of need. He gives a return gifts to his loving sister. All family members celebrate this festival by tasty dishes, sweets, gifts, roaming to their relatives. Any Indian festival is incomplete without this.