Friday, August 4, 2017

Today is Varalakshmi Vratam 2017 Pooja.

Varalakshmi Vrat 2017 is today and women across these south Indian states will dress up traditionally to celebrate this festival and take fast for getting the blessing of Maa Lakshmi.

Varalaxmi Pooja.

Every year in the month of Shravan( Monsoon season) on Friday preceding the full moon night( Purnima), married women in South India, Maharastra, and Odisha observe the Varalakshmi Vrata. This year this puja falls on Friday 4th August means today. The fasting and worshipping are done mainly by the married women for good wishes of their family.

On this day married women wear the traditional silk saree and decorate with golden jewelry and take fast until the end of the pooja in the evening. On this day Goddess Laxmi is worshipping in 8 avatars, Goddess of wealth(Shri), Earth(Bhu), Learning(Saraswati), Love(Priti), Fame(Kirti), Peace(Shanti), Pleasure(Tushti), And Strength(Pusthi). Finally all puja complete in all rituals and take the blessing of Lakshmi Maa.

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