Wednesday, November 1, 2017

"Panchuka" Kartika Maasa Odisha Festival.

Odisha is Known as the Temple City and it is deeply rooted in culture and Traditions. People of Odisha celebrate all the festivals as per the Hindu Calender. From previous Old age, people are saying "Bara Masa Tere Parba"(thirteen festivals in twelve months) are celebrated in Lord Jagannath Land. 

Panchuka Rangoli
In Hindu Calendar the holiest month are Baisakh, Asadha, Kartika, and Margasira. Kartika Maasa Starts from the next day of Kumar Purnima which marks the end of Aswini Maasa. On the month of Kartika, every day people take the bath from early morning 4 AM and regular visit to the nearest temple. As per tradition people only eat the vegetarian food item.

The last five days of the month is called Panchuka and the very last day of these five days is celebrated as Kartika Purnima. These five days devotees make the food without onion and garlic during Kartika maasa. On the time of Panchuka, even a crane(Fish Hunting Bird) does not eat fish during Panchuka!

Early in the morning Married women take the bath and wear the puja cotton sarees and draw the beautiful rangoli design around the chaura(tulsi Plant) during Panchuka.

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